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Rose (Sleeping Beauty/Aurora), the girl who dreamed of adventure and her dream came true once she found her prince charming who would save her life many times over.
Martha (Princess Tiana), who never wanted the easy way out and learned that love wasn’t an easy thing to come by. However when she least expected it, she could have both love and a career and only then would she find true happiness.
Donna (Megara), the sarcastic woman who never wanted a man’s help. Yet when she comes across a God, she finds out it’s not that bad to have a best friend by her side.
Amy (Princess Merida), the young girl who thought running away from her future would be an easy thing, but in the end she found out she was the only one to control her destiny and with that came the good and bad things she must conquer through.
Clara (Belle/Beauty), the misfit beauty who only ever wanted to cross to distant lands. Even when she comes across a “beast” she only sees him as a man who needs a helping hand.


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"I know!" chuckled The Doctor, standing in front of the TARDIS door "A thousand and five hundred years and I’m still not ginger"

"Oh, I don’t know. I’m not sure how I’d feel if you were ginger.” She mused, a smirk on her lips. 

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"Oh my god.." 

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ooc; Hey guys! I guess it be good to introduce myself. I’m Miriam and I’m playing Rose Tyler and I’d absolutely love to roleplay with you. I’ve never actually done an indie roleplay but I have been roleplaying for 5+ years! 

Anywho, I’d love to plot with you guys so don’t be afraid to message me! 

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